40 Parents Are Sharing All The Hilariously Absurd Reasons Why Their Kids Cry, And You Couldnt Make Them Up (New Pics)

People cry for a variety of reasons, but it’s usually the kinds of extreme feelings of happiness or sadness that get the waterworks flowing. Not for kids though. Kids quickly learn that crying gets a reaction from their parents, and can begin bawling in dramatic fashion at the drop of a hat.

Because we know this, we are allowed to laugh at the seemingly cataclysmic situations that these kids find themselves in. Although it might seem that someone is about to die, that kid just isn’t allowed to eat the cat food. Or throw books at her parents face. Or any of the other absurd reasons why kids decide to throw a major wobbly. As a sequel to our previous post, we here at Bored Panda have made another list of the hilariously ridiculous reasons why kids cry, so scroll down below to check it out and share your own stories in the comments!


Life Is Super Tough When You Can’t Pick Up The Book You Want Because You’re Sitting On It

But what are some legitimate reasons why your child might cry? There is usually something deeper going on behind these tantrums over nothing, the most common of which is over-tiredness. One of the most frequent reasons cry is just simple fatigue, and it can lead to some pretty irrational behavior.

Keep an eye out for common signs of tiredness like as rubbing eyes, yawning or looking a little glazed over in the eyes. It might just be time to settle your little one down for a nap to help them get back into a better mood, and not fly into a temper for the most absurd reasons.


The Golden Gate Bridge Isn’t Actually Golden


He Wants To Get On The Bus. The Bus On The TV

Just we get a little grumpy and diva-like when we are hungry, so do kids. Usually they will tell you straight out that they are peckish, but for kids who can’t speak yet, crying is the way to get their point across. So if ridiculous reactions to silly things are occuring, reach for a healthy snack and see if that helps.

Kids can get stressed out too, which can also be a cause of irrational crying. Some parents, while meaning well, can overload and over stimulate their kids with playdates, soccer practice, language lessons, you name it. Sometimes kids need a little peace and calm so they can relax and unwind, just like we do.


He Finished His Cheese Stick And Asked For More, So When I Opened Another One He Flipped Out Because It Wasn’t A New One He Wanted. He Wanted His Old One Back That He Already Ate


She Wanted Ravioli For Dinner

Kids can be hungry for attention, and if they have learned that crying gets it, they will keep it up. Even negative attention, telling them to stop it and shut up for example, reinforces this kind of behavior. If you know your child is having a tantrum purely for the attention, it’s best to ignore them. It’s no fun to scream and shout the house down if nobody is listening!

If you give plenty of positive attention to your child, this kind of attention-seeking should be less of an issue. Let them know that good behavior is rewarded with positive reinforcement, offer lavish praise and set aside some time each day to play, together, one on one.


We Wouldn’t Let Him Swim In The Sea. He Can’t Swim & Its 6 Degrees


He Does Not Want Me To Take His “Sticker” Away. At Least It Might Absorb The Tears!

So, funny as these irrational kids and their tantrums might be, there is bound to be another reason beyond the ‘wrong color M&M’ to their distress. Let the tantrum run its course, and find out the real reason why your kid is acting like such a diva!


The Face Of Someone Who’s Mom Wouldn’t Let Him Hold His Own Poop In His Hands


I ‘Refused’ To Switch The Sun Off So His Pumpkin Could Light Up


He Suddenly Wanted His Cycling Backpack


I Wouldn’t Let Him Eat A Battery For Breakfast….


The Daffodils Are Gone, And I Can’t Bring Them Back


Won’t Let Her Throw Books At My Face


I Told Him He Had To Stop Biting The Cat


I Told Her She Couldn’t Go Inside The Dishwasher


He Wants Me To Reattach The Nails I Clipped Off His Feet.


Wouldn’t Buy Her Women’s Razors


Sean Said The Word…green


I Killed A Bug In The Laundry Room. Apparently It Was Her Best Friend


I Handed Her The Wrong Pink Marker


I Won’t Let Him Eat The Cat’s Food


I Won’t Let Him Eat Trash


Because She Doesn’t Have “More Toes” To Paint


Daddy Touched My Balloon


Because We Got Her A Unicorn Birthday Cake, Just Like She Wanted


He Couldn’t Take Off His Pants, And Then Escalated When He Couldn’t Find The Booger That Fell From His Nose


He Wanted The Yellow Cup, So I Gave Him The Yellow Cup. Now His Life Is Ruined

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I Wouldn’t Let Him Pull His High Chair Over And Die


I Didn’t Let Her Run Into The Road


She Dropped A Stool On My Toe And I Said “Ouch”


She Asked Specifically For Two M&m’s. I Gave Her Two M&m’s


Do You Want Me To Let The Ducks Out?


Because There Was A Piece Of Fuzz On His Leg!


All That Hard Work On The Toilet Only To Find Out Your Mommy Flushed Your Poo Before You Got To Say Your Good-Byes.


Wouldn’t Let Her Eat The Bath Bomb

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