50 Times Libraries Surprised Everyone With Their Creativity And Sense Of Humor (New Pics)

Libraries can be some of the most visually stunning meccas of architecture, but even if you aren’t fortunate enough to live near one of the most beautiful libraries in the world – your local libraries can still contain some pretty creative designs. The following list is a collection of photos from everyday libraries that have been spiced up with hilarious and creative twists from the funny librarians who run them.

From clever wordplay and funny signs to enchanting building entrances to organizing books by nudity on the covers these protectors of books went above and beyond to bring some extra magic to these hubs of imagination. Scroll down below to see all the literary fun and remember why libraries are not replaceable. Don’t forget to upvote your favs!

#1 This Is Dina. She Volunteers At Our Local Library As A Reading Dog. Kids With Difficulties Read For Her And She Does Not Judge

#2 This Entrance To The Kids Section At Our Local Library

#3 This Library Has A Directory For Topics People Might Be Embarrassed To Ask For

#4 Blind Dates Prevent You From Judging A Book By Its Cover

#5 This Library Tells You How Much Money You’ve Saved By Using The Library

#6 My Local Library Has Bee Hive In The Kids Section, With A Tube That Leads To The Outside

#7 My Local Library Has Dozens Of Different Cake Pans To Check Out

#8 My School’s Library Has Noise-Level Guides That Change Colour When It Gets Too Loud

#9 Every Year My School’s Librarian Dresses Up As A Book Reaper To Collect Overdue Books

#10 This Library Knows How To Motivate Children

#11 “Guys Who Have Lost Their Shirts” Bookshelf

#12 My Local Library Has Vault You Can Go Into To Talk On Your Phone

#13 Local Library Has A Community Jigsaw Puzzle

#14 The Mystery Section In San Jose State University’s Library Has A Secret Bookshelf

#15 This Sign At My University With The Number For The Library Police

#16 This Mural At My School Has Fahrenheit 451 Positioned On The Fire Extinguisher

#17 Banned Books Display At My Local Library

#18 My Library Has A Globe Of The Moon

#19 Saw This In My Local Library

#20 The Library Places The Books On The Lower Shelves On Their Sides So The Titles Are Easier To Read

#21 Gigantic Books At The Entrance Of A Public Library In France

#22 Our Librarian This Halloween

After being told countless times by students that he looks a lot like a certain TV character, our librarian finally gave in and embraced his inner sociopath this Halloween. He sat like this for the first hour the library was open.

#23 This Library Was Built Exactly Over The Canada-USA Border (The Black Line)

#24 Display At My Local Library

#25 My University Library Took Out Consecutive Sections Of Shelves. Can See From One Wall To The Other

#26 At My Library You Can Pick Up Bags Of Books In A Certain Genre Without Knowing What Those Books Are

#27 Our Library’s Hurricane Prep

#28 Old School Love Letter Station At Library

#29 Library Aisle At My University. They Got Two Aisles Full Of Board Games That You Borrow

#30 Albena, Bulgaria Beach Library

#31 Found At My University’s Library. Gotta Love Nanas

#32 This Library Has The Approximate Time In Words Projected Onto It

#33 A Mini Library Modeled After The Building Behind It

#34 Laptops You Can Borrow At The Austin Public Library

#35 I Was Studying In The Library When My Phone Rang. Returned After A Few Minutes

#36 Found In Buffalo Library. It’s True Tho… #adfree

#37 This Poster Outside My School Library

#38 My Library Has A Spot For People To Listen To Records

#39 Big Books For Little Readers

#40 Girlfriends Library Card

#41 The Tech School Library I Went To Has Sleeping Pods

#42 Basement Floor Of My Campus Library Has A Treadmill With A Computer, So You Can Exercise & Study At The Same Time

#43 This Sign Is In My Local Library. The Logic Is Unassailable

#44 The Cafe In My Local Library Has A Table For People Happy To Chat To Strangers

#45 Campus Library Installs Grass. Real Grass

#46 Library Has “Recently Returned” Section So You Can See What Other People Have Been Reading

#47 Had A Volunteer Help Me Make These Stools Out Of Our Discarded Books For New Library Seating

#48 My Local Library Has A Mini Art Vending Machine

#49 This Library Likes To Play Games

#50 At My Local Library… You Can Rent Fishing Poles… Only In Arkansas

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