Butterfly Hill by Brendan le Grange

Book Summary:

A psychopath with mother issues. A policeman with his career on the line. A beautiful agent with unclear allegiances. And an ancient organisation guarding a secret that could get them all killed.

Hiko Shimizu is not a nice man, but he is ingenious. Ingenious enough to find a lost artefact capable of catalysing a revolution in China? Maybe. And that’s close enough to draw the attention of powerful forces that won’t hesitate to kill to keep their secrets safe.

Meanwhile, Matthys Rossouw is in hot pursuit, unaware of the full scale of the danger he faces. Butterfly Hill is the exciting follow-up to Drachen. Set in the hills above Hong Kong’s Lantau Island, it’s another high-stakes game of cat and mouse that races towards an explosive conclusion.

Seven hundred years ago a Dynasty died, how far will people go to keep it dead?

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Readers’ Favorite Review:

Butterfly Hill by Brendan le Grange is a novel that falls proudly into the adventure, suspense, and thriller genres, in a follow-up to le Grange’s debut work of fiction, Drachen. Butterfly Hill reads beautifully as a work of fiction, set in bustling Hong Kong and its largest outlying island, Lantau. Told from multiple points of view, the narrative shifts primarily between an Indiana Jones-esque Hiko Shimuzu, a mentally unstable soldier named Teapot Lee, and two agents hot on Hiko’s tracks, Matthys and Elaine. When the hunt for Hiko, “a Europol-wanted art thief and an HKPF-wanted bank robber,” begins to dredge up more than just jade crescents, it becomes clear that a deep-rooted and twisted conspiracy is in play…and the protection of such an ancient and covert secret must be conserved at any price.

Butterfly Hill is an extraordinary, fast-paced story that keeps the heart rate pumping and the fingers flicking through pages at a harrowing speed. Brendan le Grange has crafted his thriller with all of the right ingredients for a perfect brew with just the right bite. Hiko is an anti-hero with many, many layers, humanized by some pretty shameless flaws—imperfections that lend to a perfect character arc, a bit of redemption, and a heck of a lot of energy. What I loved most about this story is that, while I knew who I was rooting for, I wasn’t terribly disappointed when Elaine was given some right of way also. She is exactly the type of strong, fierce, intelligent dynamo we need to see, regardless of motive. Overall, this novel delivers everything one hopes for in an action-suspense tale, and I’m excited to see where le Grange takes us next.


Author Bio:

Brendan le Grange lives in Hong Kong with his beautiful wife and daughters, writing high-paced action thrillers when his day job allows. Luckily, that day job also allows him to travel to the exotic locales in which his books are set.

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