Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them review JK Rowling goes steampunk

The latest film from Harry Potter author Rowlings wizarding world is a wonderfully enjoyable adventure featuring Eddie Redmayne as a magizoologist who stumbles into a dark magic adventure in New York

Weve never needed cheering up more; though on the strictly escapist level, this film is maybe compromised by making one of its characters an obnoxious rich New York chump, a charmless lump, or do I mean grump, reliant on his fathers money and nursing political ambitions. Hes been mentioned as a future president, says someone. Surely not…

That entertainment enchanter JK Rowling has come storming back to the world of magic in a shower of supernatural sparks – and created a glorious fantasy-romance adventure, all about the wizards of prohibition-era America and the diffident wizarding Brit who causes chaos in their midst with a bagful of exotic creatures. Its a lovely performance from Eddie Redmayne who is a pretty fantastic beast himself. Theres a moment when he has to whisper an errant animal into submission and his contortions would put Andy Serkis to shame.

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