The Salad Oil King – New Book

So just had the Salad Oil King book cross my desk. Story about Alfonso Fravenese who grew up to a life of crime. Starting early, he worked his way from scamming kids in grade school to international scams during WWII.

From the book:

Alfonso “Fonso” Gravenese had the DNA of a natural born scam-artist. Deceit was his adrenaline. Money was just a way to keep score. He honed his formative business skills during grade school at St. Patrick’s off Hester Street in Manhattan’s Little Italy — “among his kind,” as he would say so many times in later life. He never graduated from high school. Fonso specialized in scamming government programs, where he earned millions. In the early 1960’s his greatest scheme caused the New York Stock Exchange to stop trading.

Got a five star review from the San Francisco Book Review – Salad Oil King Review

Get it, or a sample 3 chapters HERE

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